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Nieuwe kansen voor Nationaal Parken

Nieuwe kansen voor Nationaal Parken

Op 17 maart 2016 is met het Festival Nationale Parken de aftrap gegeven voor een driejarig programma ‘Nationale Parken van Wereldklasse’. Op de website http://www.nationaleparkenwereldklasse.nl is te lezen dat het doel van dit programma is om samen met belanghebbenden van Nationale Parken een sterk merk te maken en daarvoor een nieuwe standaard te ontwikkelen: Nationale Parken […]

How to improve the adaptive capacity ...

How to improve the adaptive capacity of Dutch Planning

10 proposals for change that, once implemented, will make the planning system less rigid and more adaptive. > New book. Free download @ InPlanning. > More information about Evolutionary Governance  @ governancetheory.com. Spatial planning is facing a paradox. The last decades have witnessed a growing number of scholars and professionals that criticize the possibilities of […]

Perceived (In)justice of Public Land ...

Perceived (In)justice of Public Land Acquisition

Many studies have addressed the justice of public land acquisition, but few studies have addressed the question of what landowners perceive as just. Individual perceptions drive an important part of the social and scientific debates on legitimate and just land acquisition. This article addresses this gap by studying landowners’ and land purchasers’ perceptions of just […]

Smart cities, smart planning & s...

Smart cities, smart planning & smart growth

All over the world planners are developing novel approaches to manage urban growth in more sustainable ways, in ways more sensitive to spatial quality and to social, economic and ecological contexts. There is a widely shared understanding that the success of such approaches depends on the possibilities to integrate an almost overwhelming variety of objectives. Smart […]

Co-creatie van kennis over landschap ...

Co-creatie van kennis over landschap en natuur

Burgerinitiatieven op het terrein van natuur- en landschapsbeheer, traditioneel het domein van overheden, nemen in aantal toe. Wat betekent dat voor de rol van kennis en van kennisproducenten op deze terreinen? Daar is nog maar weinig empirisch onderzoek naar gedaan. Maar ervaring met onderzoek voor en met burgerinitiatieven is er wel degelijk, namelijk bij wetenschapswinkels. […]

Rural innovation in Alberta

Rural innovation in Alberta

Last weekend I had the pleasure to be invited to join a conference on rural innovation organized by the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ACSRC) and Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED). The conference offered  community development professionals, councilors, mayors, and a range of other people actively involved in governing the rural areas, […]

The fascinating place called Fort McM...

The fascinating place called Fort McMurray

The past couple of days I had the privilege of teaming up with a prominent research team from the University of Alberta while they were doing fieldwork in Fort McMurray. The name Fort McMurray might not immediately ring a bell, yet it is one of the world most well-known places as it is the town […]

Sfeerimpressie van de vogelwachters i...

Sfeerimpressie van de vogelwachters in de Slufter

Van 31 mei tot en met 7 juni zijn we een week lang vogelwachter geweest bij de slufter op Texel. De belangrijkste taak van de vogelwachters is het voorkomen dat bezoekers het broedgebied betreden en de daar broedende en rustende vogels verstoren. Daarnaast informeren de vogelwachters de bezoekers over het gebied, het belang van rust […]

Corporate Responsibility for Sustaina...

Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Development

‘An excellent resource for students who want to understand why traditionally “soft” issues for business like human rights, the environment, or diversity have now become “hard” – hard to ignore, hard to manage, and very hard for businesses that get them wrong‘ Since the beginning of this month I am supervising the Open University course […]

EU Nature Legislation: facilitate inn...

EU Nature Legislation: facilitate innovation and learning, not a political battle on legislative reform

The set-up of the Fitness Check of the Birds and Habitats Directive strongly indicates a political wish to reform legislation. Drawing on numerous studies towards the implementation of EU Nature Legislation I advice against such reform as its costs are likely to exceed the benefits it will bring. It would be more sensible to facilitate […]