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Power/Knowledge in Natural Resource Mana...

Power/Knowledge in Natural Resource Management

This special issue of Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning draws the attention to ongoing concerns about the management of natural resources (NRM): their exploration, extraction, processing, and commodification is still happening in ways that are perceived to be socially unjust and ecologically unsustainable. The special issue seeks to highlight how the Foucaultian notion of power/knowledge remains […]

Power/knowledge and natural resource man...

Power/knowledge and natural resource management

In this paper, we present a conceptual framework extending Foucaultian insights on the relations between power and knowledge to link up with current insights into studies of natural resource management (NRM) and more broadly environmental studies. We classify discourses in NRM according to understandings of social–ecological systems and argue that grasping those larger contexts can push […]

Landscape governance, environmental poli...

Landscape governance, environmental policy, spatial planning and place branding

Place branding strategies are increasingly used to promote cities, regions and national parks. In this paper we analyse the evolution of landscape governance in three Flemish regions to discern the virtues of these place branding strategies in relation to other forms of environmental policy and spatial planning. In all three regions state led policies and […]

Governing for resilience

Governing for resilience

Resilience has become a key concept in the sciences and practices of environmental governance. Yet governing for resilience is a major challenge because it requires governance systems to be both stable and flexible at the same time. Achieving a productive balance between stability and flexibility is a key challenge. The concept of “institutional work” is […]

Voldoen aan regels is niet voldoende om ...

Voldoen aan regels is niet voldoende om natuur te beschermen

Het TV programma De Monitor doet onderzoek naar de relatie tussen bouwprojecten en beschermde dieren. De uitzending laat zien hoe ontwikkelaars en overheden binnen de regels van de wet altijd wel ruimte vinden om plannen en projecten door te laten gaan en dat bezwaren van omwonenden en natuurbeschermers veelal weinig invloed hebben. In tegenstelling tot […]

Witchcraft, oracle, and magic in the kin...

Witchcraft, oracle, and magic in the kingdom of planning: A reflection on planning theory and practice

“This paper offers a response to a claim in Planning Theory that “there is no planning—only planning practices“. “When a highly esteemed colleague as Prof Alexander looks back at his distinguished career and observes a stockpile of problems in the planning discipline, to the extent that both planning and planning theory seem to lose their unity and validity […]

Hoe natuurinclusief zijn rijksprojecten?

Hoe natuurinclusief zijn rijksprojecten?

In de Rijksnatuurvisie ‘Natuurlijk Verder’ zijn de concepten natuurcombinaties en natuurinclusief geïntroduceerd. In deze studie is nagegaan of rijksoverheden in rijksprojecten zelf met natuurcombinaties en natuurinclusief werken en welke mogelijkheden er zijn om deze manier van werken te versterken. Om het onderzoek uit te voeren, is gebruik gemaakt van inzichten uit Evolutionary Governance Theory. Dit […]

Analysing institutional change in enviro...

Analysing institutional change in environmental governance

Understanding how institutions change is critical to improving environmental governance at all scales. In this paper we explore the concept of ‘institutional work’ within broader theorising about institutional change and evolving governance. Institutional work focuses on the role of actors in creating, maintaining, or disrupting institutional frameworks (Lawrence et al., 2009. It is a concept […]

Nieuwe kansen voor Nationale Parken

Nieuwe kansen voor Nationale Parken

Op 17 maart 2016 is met het Festival Nationale Parken de aftrap gegeven voor een driejarig programma ‘Nationale Parken van Wereldklasse’. Op de website is te lezen dat het doel van dit programma is om samen met belanghebbenden van Nationale Parken een sterk merk te maken en daarvoor een nieuwe standaard te ontwikkelen: Nationale Parken […]

How to improve the adaptive capacity of ...

How to improve the adaptive capacity of Dutch Planning

10 proposals for change that, once implemented, will make the planning system less rigid and more adaptive. > New book. Free download @ InPlanning. > More information about Evolutionary Governance  @ Spatial planning is facing a paradox. The last decades have witnessed a growing number of scholars and professionals that criticize the possibilities of […]