Trust in governance is key to the functioning and adaptation of governance systems. In many places waning levels of trust in governance have become an important driver for institutional innovation. The perceived lack of trust in governments and their institutions has triggered governments and civil society organizations to explore new forms of governance and various institutional innovations that should ideally be more effective, inclusive and just. Institutional innovations for example include citizens’ assemblies, e-governance, various forms of participatory democracy, shifting roles and responsibilities for public and private actors, new forms of accountability, and novel forms of knowledge production and sharing. Yet little is known about how these institutional innovations actually impact trust dynamics and more in general trust in governance.

The aim of this panel is to further explore the interrelation between institutional innovation and trust dynamics. We invite contributions that present conceptual or empirical insights and that focus, for example, on one of the following topics:

  • Trust and distrust in governance as a driver for institutional innovation
  • Trust in governance as a condition for institutional innovation
  • The influence of institutional innovations on trust and distrust in governance
  • The conceptualization of trust dynamics and their impact on governance
  • The influence of (social) media on trust in governance

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