On this page you can find some of the MSc Theses that I have supervised over the years. The results can be downloaded at the website of Wageningen University.


Martijn van den Aker – Visitor Management in Regional Governance of Tourism and Recreation [download]

Annelien van de Graaf – Story telling in the office market: A research to the underlying causes that have shaped the developments in the Dutch office market [download]

Sabine Kool – Voluntary re-allotment in the Netherlands: a case study about the processes of voluntary re-allotment in Heusden, Epe-Vaassen en Kempen-Broek [download]

Gaston Franssen – Embedding spatial quality: the case of national canals in the Netherlands [download]

Niek Stokkingreef – A chain of trust and power. Studying the interrelation between trust and power in a spatial planning project [download]

Diederik van Loo – The power of law. A discourse analysis of of the public debate around the Land Grab Law in Valencia, Spain [download]

Halida S. Sudarmo – Community-initiated movement to support sustainable urban development in Indonesia [download]

Caroline de Haan – De wijkarena Oud-Charlois. Transitie management toegepast op het lokale geografische schaalniveau “de wijk” [not yet available]

Wondifraw Tessema – Assessing Sustainability in Urban Redevelopment [download]

Geert-Willem Arentsen & Toon Roosen – Land degradation in Brazil

Erik Swart – Is planning different on an island? : what are the main differences of being an island in Dutch natural resource governance? [download]

Hao Hu – Understand conflict development process: a case study in Natura 2000 site: uiterwaarden Neder-Rijn [download]

Koen van Nieuwenhove, Ralph Tangelder en Tom Verbruggen – Landscape planning and design for a shrinking region: a reflective case study approach in the Dutch border region South Limburg [download]

Lauran de Schutter & Jan Klopstra – The Olympic Games: between plan and reality [download]

Lars van Peij – Stories of planning and unplanned change in ‘het IJzerenbosch’ [download]

Lars Hanssen – Developing Coastal Identities. An approach to design coldwater resorts [download]

Albert Aalvanger – Villagers’ self-organisation in spatial planning : the relationship between village visions, village councils and collective identities within a village [download]

Francesca Ferranti – Natura 2000 as a discursive strategy: interpretations, power dynamics and (dis)empowerment of actors [download]

Bart Plijner – Tend to live up to your expectations. The consequences of expectations in planning practice [not yet available]

Bram van Oers – Understanding trust in planning : an interpretive perspective on trust as a coordination mechanism in collaborative planning processes [download]

Wieteke Schotsman – The myth of stakeholder participation : the effects and consequences in planning processes [download]

Ignasi Domingo Pastó – Spatial planning as co-evolution. linking expectations, uncertainties, and conflicts: a case study of supra-local plans in the Catalan Pyrenees (Spain) [download]

Marlieke van Workum – Attitudes op de Veluwe : onderzoek naar de attitudes van bezoekers en niet-bezoekers van de Veluwetransferia [download]

Fennie van Straalen – Openness, understanding, trust, and learning : a study of cross-border cooperation in multi-layer society, especially the Dutch-German border region [download]

Tom Kraak – Zoos in transition : thesis research about the future of zoos [not available online, paper version in library]

Jasper de Vries – Dealing with dilemmas : the role of trust in spatial planning [download]

Marlies Meijer & Wouter Holtslag – Zweven door het planproces. Onderzoek naar de samenhang tussen problemen, oplossingen en de invloed van betrokkenen in planprocessen [download]