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Rural innovation in Alberta

Rural innovation in Alberta

Last weekend I had the pleasure to be invited to join a conference on rural innovation organized by the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ACSRC) and Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED). The conference offered  community development professionals, councilors, mayors, and a range of other people actively involved in governing the rural areas, […]

Trust and the use of contracts in planni...

Trust and the use of contracts in planning and public administration

Trust has become an important issue in governance. It plays an important role in the interactions and negotiations between different actors.To organize new governance arrangements and to restore trust in spatial planning, contracts are often seen as vital policy instruments. The relations between contracts and trust are regularly studied from various perspectives. In this article, […]

Making things irreversible. Object stabi...

Making things irreversible. Object stabilization in urban planning and design

Based on a detailed reconstruction of the planning process of a controversial major building in the Dutch city of Groningen, we develop a theoretical and conceptual framework for studying object formation and stabilisation. We argue that the many forms of resistance against the object itself triggered a variety of counter-strategies of object formation. We make […]

Managing smart growth and sustainability

Managing smart growth and sustainability

Place brands can provide powerful concepts van visions to attract, engage and unite investors, entrepreneurs, NGO’s and citizens in regional governance and coordinate their actions in order to enhance the sustainable development of their area. The International Place Branding Yearbook 2012 provides further insights in applying brand and marketing strategies to the economic, social, political […]

De performatieve macht van mislukking. M...

De performatieve macht van mislukking. Moeizame implementatie van Natura 2000

De implementatie van Natura 2000 heeft in Nederland tot veel discussie en commotie geleid. Tijdens honderden inspraak- en informatie avonden en via allerlei artikelen in dagbladen, tijdschriften en op het internet, is het Natura 2000 beleid door velen bekritiseerd. Ook in politieke arena’s is regelmatig in negatieve zin gesproken over Natura 2000, met als spraakmakende […]

Performing Succes and Failure in Governa...

Performing Succes and Failure in Governance: Dutch Planning Experiences

We present an analytical framework for analyzing the functions of failure and success ascriptions in public administration. The framework incorporates concepts and insights from Michel Foucault, Mieke Bal, and other discourse theorists, enriched with notions derived from Niklas Luhmann’s theory of social systems. The Dutch system of spatial planning serves as a context to investigate […]

Crossing trails in the marshes: rigidity...

Crossing trails in the marshes: rigidity and flexibility in the governance of the Danube Delta

  In this paper, we revisit the utility of the concepts of path dependence and interdependence for the analysis of participatory environmental governance. We investigate the evolution of environmental governance in the Romanian Danube Delta, and, starting from an observation of problematic citizen participation, demonstrate how specific patterns of path and interdependence shaped both the […]