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The construction of legitimacy in European nature policy: expertise and participation in the service of cost-effectiveness

Turnhout, E. Behagel, J., Ferranti, F. & Beunen, R. 2015. The construction of legitimacy in European nature policy: expertise and participation in the service of cost-effectiveness. Environmental Politics. Online first. In environmental governance, the European Union draws on norms of effectiveness, decentralisation, and participation… Continue Reading →

Understanding the interrelation between land transactions and planning processes

Land acquisition is the beginning of many land use changes. Both governments and private investors use land acquisition to gain power over land use. Knowledge on land acquisition is thus important for understanding and influencing the way land is used…. Continue Reading →

Shifting nature conservation approaches in Natura 2000

This paper analyses Natura 2000 as a shifting configuration of different approaches to nature conservation and discusses the consequences of these shifts for the roles of the stakeholders affected by this policy. Natura 2000 started with a technocratic approach that… Continue Reading →

Contested delineations. Planning, law and the governance of protected areas.

The article argues that environmental politics can easily destabilize and overburden law, economy and science, in an attempt to unify, grasp, predict and control an environment that is not amenable to these operations. Yet, shifting the burden of collective decision-… Continue Reading →

Competing claims in National Parks: Designing sustainable governance arrangement for dealing with multiple use of land

Governing protected areas, like national parks, often entails dealing with competing claims. A wide variety of stakeholders, including park managers, governments, NGO’s, land owners and entrepreneurs is involved. Each of them with different and and often conflicting interest and ambitions…. Continue Reading →

Participatie in Dorp en Natuur

De stichting Dorp en Natuur is 45 jaar geleden opgericht om te voorkomen dat plannen voor grootschalige nieuwbouw de kernwaarden van Amerongen en Leersum (dorpskarakter, rust, ruimte en groen) zouden aantasten. Deze kernwaarden worden tegenwoordig niet meer zo zichtbaar bedreigd…. Continue Reading →

Performing failure in conservation policy: The implementation of European Union directives in the Netherlands

Raoul Beunen, Kristof Van Assche and Martijn Duineveld In this article we present the results of a study towards the reality effects of discourses affecting the implementation of Natura 2000 in the Netherlands. The Dutch case shows how fast deinstitutionalization… Continue Reading →

Natural Resource Governance in Georgie

In the past two weeks we visited three national parks in Georgia (Vashlovani, Lagodekhi and Tusheti). The aim of our visit was to study transition and innovation in natural resource governance. We combined field observations with interviews with a wide… Continue Reading →

De performatieve macht van mislukking. Moeizame implementatie van Natura 2000

De implementatie van Natura 2000 heeft in Nederland tot veel discussie en commotie geleid. Tijdens honderden inspraak- en informatie avonden en via allerlei artikelen in dagbladen, tijdschriften en op het internet, is het Natura 2000 beleid door velen bekritiseerd. Ook… Continue Reading →

Crossing trails in the marshes: rigidity and flexibility in the governance of the Danube Delta

  In this paper, we revisit the utility of the concepts of path dependence and interdependence for the analysis of participatory environmental governance. We investigate the evolution of environmental governance in the Romanian Danube Delta, and, starting from an observation… Continue Reading →

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