Trust has become an important issue in governance. It plays an important role in the interactions and negotiations between different actors.To organize new governance arrangements and to restore trust in spatial planning, contracts are often seen as vital policy instruments. The relations between contracts and trust are regularly studied from various perspectives. In this article, we add to the existing knowledge by exploring a dynamic perspective on the use of contracts over time and the influence thereof on trust dynamics. We conclude that, longitudinally, the use of contracts can play a pivotal role in trust dynamics by influencing the construction of, and actors’ perspective on, the common history of the parties involved and their future expectations in close relation to the changing context. This perspective might help planners to deal with the inevitable dynamics of planning processes and trust.

De Vries, J.R., Beunen, R., Aarts, N., Lokhorst, A.M., Van Ark, R.G.H. (2013) The pivot points in planning: How the use of contracts influences trust dynamics. Planning Theory. Online first

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