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Evolutionary Governance Theory

Evolutionary Governance Theory

The book Evolutionary Governance Theory is available. Evolutionary Governance Theory (EGT) is a novel perspective on the way markets, laws and societies evolve together. It can be of use to anyone interested in development, market and public sector reform, public administration, politics & law. Drawing on a wide variety of case studies on three continents […]

Social learning and innovation

In this article we reflect on the evolution of ice-fishing practices at Mille Lacs. Social learning took place largely outside the sphere of government and spurred substantial technological and institutional innovation. The study elaborates on the way in which unique patterns of networks, informal institutions and social learning environments delineate options for social learning that […]

Co-evolutions of planning and design: Ri...

Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen, Martijn Duineveld & Harro de Jong We develop an evolutionary perspective on spatial planning to investigate the potential contributions of design approaches to the coordination of spatial organization. After a re-articulation of the concepts of planning and design in this perspective, we distinguish six essential features of the planning/design dialectics […]