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Smart cities, smart planning & smart gro

Smart cities, smart planning & smart growth

All over the world¬†planners are developing novel approaches to manage urban growth in more sustainable ways, in ways more sensitive to spatial quality and to social, economic and ecological contexts. There is a widely shared understanding that the success of such approaches depends on the possibilities to integrate an almost overwhelming variety of objectives. Smart […]

Rural innovation in Alberta

Rural innovation in Alberta

Last weekend I had the pleasure to be invited to join a conference on rural innovation organized by the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ACSRC) and Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED). The conference offered ¬†community development professionals, councilors, mayors, and a range of other people actively involved in governing the rural areas, […]

Spatial planning and regional food strat...

Spatial planning and regional food strategies

The Dutch region Gelderse Vallei en Eemland, also called Food Valley, is an area in transition. The developments in agricultural sector are an important driving force behind this transition. Agricultural activities, both intensive livestock farming as well as more multifunctional farms, traditionally dominate the landscape. Currently the region is witnessing further intensification of the sector, […]