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Trusting the People and the System

Agri-environmental schemes have been introduced in numerous countries to combat biodiversity loss in agrarian landscapes that are important for both food production and biodiversity. The successful operation of such schemes depends strongly upon trust between actors involved, as well as trust in institutions that govern these schemes. However, the interplay between interpersonal and institutional trust […]

Landscape governance, environmental poli...

Landscape governance, environmental policy, spatial planning and place branding

Place branding strategies are increasingly used to promote cities, regions and national parks. In this paper we analyse the evolution of landscape governance in three Flemish regions to discern the virtues of these place branding strategies in relation to other forms of environmental policy and spatial planning. In all three regions state led policies and […]

De performatieve macht van mislukking. M...

De performatieve macht van mislukking. Moeizame implementatie van Natura 2000

De implementatie van Natura 2000 heeft in Nederland tot veel discussie en commotie geleid. Tijdens honderden inspraak- en informatie avonden en via allerlei artikelen in dagbladen, tijdschriften en op het internet, is het Natura 2000 beleid door velen bekritiseerd. Ook in politieke arena‚Äôs is regelmatig in negatieve zin gesproken over Natura 2000, met als spraakmakende […]

Crossing trails in the marshes: rigidity...

Crossing trails in the marshes: rigidity and flexibility in the governance of the Danube Delta

  In this paper, we revisit the utility of the concepts of path dependence and interdependence for the analysis of participatory environmental governance. We investigate the evolution of environmental governance in the Romanian Danube Delta, and, starting from an observation of problematic citizen participation, demonstrate how specific patterns of path and interdependence shaped both the […]

The governance of Natura 2000 sites

The governance of Natura 2000 sites

The management of Natura 2000 sites faces several challenges. Responsible authorities need to achieve specific conservation objectives and they need to balance these objectives with social and economic interests. A study of two cases, one in England and one in the Netherlands, shows that the initial choices about the organisation of a deliberative planning process […]